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Test RX By Formutech Nutrition – 60 Tabs – Muscle Builder

What Is Formutech Nutrition Test RX?

Test Rx Test Booster is a new, revolutionary prohormone from FormuTech that produces amazing, rapid results. With a proprietary oral delivery system, Test Rx Testosterone Booster will change the way you train forever. Increase strength and lean muscle mass like never before. Kick your training into high gear with Formutech’s Test Rx Testosterone Booster. This unique product is an extremely anabolic formulation with precise amounts of androgenic and estrogenic activities which will lead you to massive gains, strength, and long lasting stamina.

What Makes Formutech Tech Nutrition Test RX Better Than The Rest?

FormuTech has developed a proprietary distribution system called Self-Microemulsifying Delivery System (“SMEDS RXTM”) that has been proven to increase many compounds such as curcumin and steroidal saponins that have a wide spectrum of biological and pharmacological activities. Many of these compounds have great promise in the lab, but do not translate to real world results because of their low solubility and stability in aqueous solution, and low bioavailability. To overcome these limitations, FormuTech developed SMEDS RXTM as a state-of-the-science delivery method to get the most benefits of the extremely powerful compounds in Test Rx Testosterone Booster. The SMEDS RXTM formulation improved the oral bioavailability of Test Rx Testosterone Booster significantly, and the relative oral bioavailability when compared with a suspension, was greater than 1,000%!

Key Ingredients In Test RX Test Booster:

Test Rx Testosterone Booster contains two extremely potent extracts of Pinus sylvestris pine pollen and Apium graveolens. These Extracts are high in the plant androgen Androsterone, which is also produced in the body as metabolites of testosterone. Test Rx contains some of the most potent sapogenins derived from varied sources to provide the highest potency and broadest range of desired effects. Androsterone is an endogenous steroid hormone and weak androgen with a potency that is approximately 1/7 that of testosterone. Lastly, Androsterone sulfate (Andros-S) is the most abundant 5 alpha-reduced androgen metabolite in serum. Androsterone, a male sex hormone,originally believed to be the principal male sex hormone. It is used less frequently in therapy since the discovery of testosterone, but its effects are very profound and noticeable.Androstenolone Acetate is a fast-acting ester of Androstenolone. Androstenolone is a hormone and precursor to many other important hormones including testosterone. Testosterone plays a critical role in muscle building, and many muscle-wasted patients (men and women) are deficient in testosterone. A number of studies have reported that Androstenolone and Androstenolone Acetate usage has been useful in promoting lean weight gain. Androstenolone Acetate is often useful for individuals with catabolic wasting and low testosterone levels. These prohormones actually create new muscle cells from increase protein synthesis abilities and increase utilization of amino-acids for new tissue growth allowing you to retain more nutrients.

Test Rx Testosterone Booster also contains ‘Akarkara.’ But when it comes to testosterone, LH, FSH, libido and lean mass extreme stimulatory compounds referred to as ‘Akarkara’ in Anacyclus pyrethrum, the information has been widely recognized in the Ayurvedic system of Indian medicine for over two centuries. Not a “discovery” for us, more of an advanced understanding was accomplished with patience on our part. Our testing, research and patience paid off by allowing us to release the new Test Rx Testosterone Booster with a multi-independent study validated extract that outperformed the other common extract on the market by over 71% for lean mass gains! Test Rx Testosterone Booster formulation utilizes the superior and far costlier Alkylamide-Rich ethanol extraction method from Anacyclus pyrethrum rather than an aqueous extract others are using. In studies subject using the alkylamide-rich ethanol extract showed a 94% greater increase in mass compared to the 100mg/kg animals in the Anacyclus pyrethrum aqueous extract group.

Test Rx Testosterone Booster also utilizes another plant steroidal saponin, Hecogenin, a steroid saponin isolated from Agave sisalana. The genus Agave presents sapogenin steroid-producing species, mainly hecogenin, which are important raw materials for the synthesis of steroidal drugs. Sapogenins are the aglycone nonsugar portions of the saponin molecule used for the semi-synthesis of medicinal steroids, as corticosteroids, steroid hormones and steroid diuretics. The most investigated species Agave americana L. has shown to have anabolic effects and anti-inflammatory activities. Recent discoveries of its effect on testosterone due to the saponins Stigmasterol and Hecogenin help explain its reputation as an aphrodisiac and have made Agave an herb of interest to bodybuilders as well. Stigmasterol is similar in structure to testosterone and is believed to bind to the testosterone receptors in the body. Thus, it causes a testosterone-like effect. Hecogenin can convert in the body to compounds which greatly resemble testosterone. With the discovery of this natural plant androgen when combined with our liposomal technology makes Test Rx Testosterone Booster a one-of-a-kind product for athletes from all walks of life.

Test Rx Testosterone Booster also contains Andrographis paniculata extract standardized to 60% Andrographolides, which is the strongest in the industry. Extracts of this plant and andrographolide exhibit pharmacological activities such as boosting testosterone and improves sexual function. Because of the impressive variety of these biological activities, researchers propose obtaining various leads by structurally modifying andrographolide. Andrographolide is a major bioactive phytoconstituent found in various parts of A. paniculata, but particularly in the leaves. The chemical name of andrographolide is 3α, 14, 15, 18-tetrahydroxy-5β, 9βH, 10α-labda-8, 12-dien-16-oic acid γ-lactone. Andrographolide —which has been shown to actively encourage the body to produce more of its own—rather than via an exogenous manner is becoming well-known among athletes. Andrographis paniculata extract standardized to such as high Andrographolides content such as our 60% extract, have shown to exert an ability to increase energy, enhance sports performance, promote anabolic state, and increase fat free mass. It also aids sport performance by increasing DHEA, increasing free testosterone, and decreasing SHGB. These are exciting attributes for the millions of men 30 and older engaged in an active lifestyle. Andrographolides promote an anabolic state while reducing the catabolic state (high cortisol and depleted free testosterone).

Test Rx Testosterone Booster also utilizes a Molusca extract after a team of American and Italian researchers analysed bivalve molluscs – a group of shellfish that includes oysters and mussels – and found they were rich in rare amino acids that trigger increased levels of sex hormones. They found two unusual ones – D-aspartic acid (D-Asp) and N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA). For centuries, old wives’ tales have said that eating raw molluscs – oysters in particular – would stimulate the libido but there has really been no scientific evidence as to why and if this occurs. The Italians have been right about this for centuries – since before Casanova, from the time of the Romans. The scientists stressed that the oysters have to be eaten raw to be most effective. Cooking them reduces the quantity of D-Asp and NDMA molecules. This extract also contains a highly absorbable form of Zinc, because it is naturally bound to amino acids which makes it very bioavailable. It also contains all of the 59 trace elements our body needs for the correct physiological functioning of all the biochemical pathways. Molusca extract alone is also said to help increase testosterone naturally

Test Rx Testosterone Booster also contains an Ethanolic extract of Pedalium murex Linn. fruit. This new herbal medicine mode of action is not fully known but are known to have aphrodisiac properties that modulate the sexual desire in men. From our research findings we have also qualitatively screened the extract for the presence of various phytochemical on Pedalium murex and the result shows that the extract contains steroidal components, flavonoid, phenolic and moderate concentrations of glycosides, alkaloids, and terpenes. Our proprietary extract is standardized for the steroidal constituents found in the plant that possess fertility potentiating properties, and they have been found to be useful in the increase of libido. It has also been shown to elevate serum testosterone levels after 15 and 28 days during treatment. The Ethanolic extract also produced a significant effect on sexual behavior and serum testosterone level past withdrawal of the treatment. Moreover, the sexual behavior in human beings is mainly due to the elevated testosterone levels and it might also be due to certain changes in neurotransmitter level or their action at the cellular stage that could alter their sexual activities. The total body weight was found to increase significantly in people who have tried an Ethanolic extract of Pedalium murex compared to placebo.

Lastly, Test Rx Testosterone Booster contains an aqueous extract of Massularia acuminata that produced significant and dose related androgenic effects in people who used them. This extract has been used as sexual invigorator in the medicine of Nigeria. Aphrodisiac activity in some plants may be due to androgen increasing property of its phytochemicals. Our researchers also believe the aphrodisiac effects are likely due to the herb’s ability to raise endogenous testosterone and luteinizing hormone. Luteinizing hormone is one of the body’s signals to create testosterone in the testicles as well as creation of sperm cells. Both hormone increases work together for raising libido and both sexual as well as physical performance. Studies have revealed that the phytochemical constituents of Massularia Acuminata do indeed raise testosterone levels in a dose dependent manner. In the highest dose range, it was shown to boost testosterone by approximately 60%, with a corresponding increase in Luteinizing hormone of approximately 66%. Prior to incorporating this plant androgen into our products we noticed substantial increases in strength with our beta testers.

What’s In Formutech Nutrition Test RX?

Test RX Supplement FactsHow Do I Take Formutech Nutrition Test RX?

Take 1 tablet of Test RX 2 times daily. Do not exceed 4 tablets of Test RX per day.


This product (Test RX) may contain shellfish.

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